Why you shouldn’t charge your mobile phone overnight….

iPhone charging

You may already have heard the warnings: Don’t overcharge your mobile phone. Make sure you unplug it from the charger after it reaches 100%. Wait to charge your phone until it’s almost down to 0%. Don’t leave it charging overnight. Or else. Continue reading “Why you shouldn’t charge your mobile phone overnight….”


Waking Up with You(Cristian finds out Santi is His) Episode 96…


Tulia just heard Pablo mentioning a daughter and he’s ready to tell her the truth, but Alvaro intervenes. He keeps interrupting Pablo and saying that Pablo considers Maia’s daughter his own. Tulia’s huffy at the idea that he’d take charge of someone else’s child “on top of everything else.”


Pablo’s upset that Alvaro wouldn’t let him tell Tulia the truth, but Alvaro thinks it’s better this way. Tulia’s going to be furious if she finds out Maia kept Bernarda from him for two years. He suggests Pablo wait until Tulia has gotten to know Maia and actually likes her before they tell her.

In Cristian’s room, Cristian wrestles with Santi while Silvestre cheers Santi on and declares him the winner of the match. He mentions again how Cristian and Santi are the same…or at least, they’re equally naughty! Cristian calls Tulia in to check on Santi–he keeps wiping his nose. Tulia doesn’t think he’s running a fever.


Oh, sure, Amanda is taking voice lessons–and she’s already fired three teachers. One told her it would be easier to teach a sick cat to sing. Machul thinks the two of them need to find another “voice” for her and then team up to destroy Antonia. Yeah, yeah, he was buddy-buddy with her a few weeks ago, but now he’s decided Amanda’s right. Age sucks and youth is where it’s at. He’s going to set up the contest, but the whole thing will be fake.

Casa Antonia

Antonia, Tatiana, and Ferney take a look at some of Flor Ferval’s arrangements. Tatiana would love any of them. Ferney’s plan is to get their “catalog” photographed and posted on the website and, of course, Antonia and Othón will have a chance to review it. Then they’ll talk about who’s planting what. Antonia excuses herself to take a phone call.

Tatiana takes advantage of this moment alone to ask Ferney out…er, that is, if he’s single? Ferney says he is, but he might as well not be because he’s in love with someone else. He’s flattered…it’s just not the right time. “Oh, then when it seems like the right time, you see if I’m still interested in you, ok?”

Pablo, lurking by the door, overheard this conversation . He’d like to talk now.

Pablo confronts Ferney about their earlier “no tricks” agreement, yet now he’s blackmailing Maia? What’s more, he’s separating Bernarda from her father. Ferney’s confused–Maia was already separating from Fed, that has nothing to do with him. Pablo explains he means himself! He’s Bernarda’s father!

Ferney doesn’t get a chance to process this or discuss it further because Antonia gets done with her phone call and tells Pablo they have to go supervise the pesticide spraying and make sure they’re using the right one.

Back at Antonia’s later, Pablo makes the mistake of telling her his rotten mood is due to Ferney. She insists that gives her the right to know, since he’s her business partner. When she hears that Ferney is blackmailing Maia into dating him so he doesn’t dissolve the partnership, she laughs and says Pablo is never going to understand business. Silly me, I thought she was about to explain that it doesn’t work that way, that they’ve signed paperwork, that he can’t just dissolve the partnership on a whim. Nope, instead she says that’s just business, everything is fair game. And oh, by the way, she has her contest with Amanda tomorrow and she needs him there bright and early.

Revelations at the taller

Cindy hooks some speakers and a Bluetooth reciever up to a customer’s car. She plays some music from her phone to test it and does a little booty shaking. She doesn’t hear Cristian walking up and he startles her. He’s still worried about Santi’s runny nose so he came to ask what she usually gives him. Cindy’s annoyed that it’s not Pablo taking care of Santi, since Cristian’s not his dad (*side eye*). Look, whatever, he just wants to know what she usually gives Santi.

Cindy has no clue. Uh, that is, she doesn’t remember and she doesn’t have time to remember, so he should just go away and stop bothering her.

She gets a notification on her phone and a voice message from Cintia asking how things went with Maia. Cindy records a message for Cintia saying it went well, she’s got the dinner later, and Cristian just came by asking her questions about Santi and isn’t that weird? Then she puts the music on and goes back to the booty shaking, but she can’t find some tape she needs. She goes to the office looking for it.

In the office, searching for the tape, her phone beeps again with another message from Cintia. Cindy can’t hear anything, though so she sends Cintia a message saying “Hey I got a voice message, but there’s no sound, can you send it again?”

Cristian goes back to the car, where he somehow accidentally left his phone.

Cindy gets another message from Cintia and plays it, still not hearing anything, but out at the car the message comes through the speaker: “Maybe if Cristian is asking questions it’s because he realized he’s Santi’s father.” Cristian sits there, in shock, still listening as Cindy plays a second message from Cintia telling her to check properly because she knows she’s speaking clearly.

Ray pops up in the car window, startling Cristian, who’s in no mood for his joking around.

Cindy’s still looking for the tape when Cristian comes into the office. He asks if it’s true he’s Santi’s father. Huh, what? Where’d he get that story? Cristian says he heard Cindy’s friend’s message–she left her phone connected to the speakers. Cindy tries to spin it like she said to her friend that she wished Cristian was Santi’s father and that must be why her friend said…whatever she said.

Nope, the message clearly said Cristian was Santi’s father. Rafael comes in, looking for Cindy. He was waiting at her apartment for her. She completely lost track of time. Rafa goes into the bathroom and Cindy tells Cristian to get those “crazy” ideas out of his head. He apologizes and gives her a hug…so he can steal her phone. Rafa gets done in the bathroom and rushes Cindy out of the taller.

Ray and Augusto are lurking outside the taller bathroom. They’re wondering if Cristian is “andando de Sancho” (being “the other man”) again and got caught. Cristian comes out and they pretend Ray just needed the bathroom. Wilson arrives and Cristian kicks them both out of the office (that none of them have any business being in…just saying).

Cristian needs a favor–he needs Wilson to take the phone to his friends at the tianguis to unblock it. Wilson insists he’s totally clean now, he doesn’t hang out with those guys any more, and ok, he’ll help. But this is Cindy’s phone. Cristian says he’ll explain later, but he really needs the phone unblocked.

Casa Tulia

Fabián is avoiding Jenny and she wants to know why. If he wants to break up, he’d better say so. Silvestre comes in and hears the word “novios.”Jenny tries to swear him to secrecy, but he says everyone already knows they’re novios and they’re thrilled.

Tulia comes in and Silvestre explains that he’s just looking at these two novios here, Herminio and Odette. Oh. Oops. Odette was the woman Herminio Sr. was dating before he started dating Tulia. Silvestre tells “Odette” not to worry, her suegra will accept her one day.

Cristian’s lost in thought at the dinner table. When Tulia brings Santi in she’s laughing over the way he just took all the change out of her coin purse. They all agree he’s a lot like Cristian was at that age.

Cristian angrily says he’s not going to let Santi turn out like him. “You’re not his dad. That’s up to Herminio,” Jenny reminds him. Tulia says it doesn’t matter if Santi looks most like Pablo or Cindy or Cristian, genetics are just funny like that–Cristian and Jenny don’t look as much like her as they do like Herminio Sr.’s mother.

Cristian gets a text from Wilson that the phone is unblocked and tells everyone he just got word about a job.

It’s on now!

Eligio shows up at Carmen’s. She’s expecting a yoga student, but…surprise?…it’s him. And he paid in advance. Ugh, fine, Carmen gets him started with a warmup sequence and then his phone starts ringing. They ignore it for a while, until she tells him to just shut it off already!

Eligio answers it. It’s Antonia. She can’t find something on the computer. Eligio tells her exactly where to look for it while Carmen loses her cool and complains that Antonia can’t even find a folder? She’s that dependent? Antonia hears her voice and asks if that’s Carmen. “I’m the vice president of the company and that’s all. I don’t have to give you explanations about my private life!” Eligio ends the call.

And she calls again. To tell him he’s supposed to be at a meeting she has today. And he whines that he didn’t think he needed to be there, then pouts that he’ll be there. (OK, really, this is getting way out of hand. Everybody who keeps enabling Antonia needs to take a step back and start setting some boundaries.)

Next, Antonia calls CARMEN and gets insulting about her students being a bunch of gullible people who believe in crystals and patchouli. Carmen hangs up on her and starts trying to find her calm again. Seriously, right about now, Antonia had better be hoping all that New Age stuff she keeps making fun of DOES work, because Carmen has had ENOUGH. Eligio laughs that Antonia has that effect on everyone. Oh yeah? Well, Ferney wanted to offer her a job at Flor Ferval and she’s going to take it, just to piss Antonia off. “But you’re not like that!” “I’m not perfect.”

He says she’s almost perfect and kisses her on the cheek. Nothing would make him happier than to work with her. He kisses her again and Carmen can’t help grinning. She calls Ferney and tells him she accepts the job. Eligio goes dancing out of her apartment, kicking his heels together.


Rodrigo comes home to a sad Frida. She thinks she’s depressed. All she wants to do is watch sad movies and eat ice cream… “And pull all the socks without mates out of the drawer and hug them?” Rod finishes. But, um, no. Not that. She saw a happy couple in the park and it made her cry. He doesn’t want to break up, but she doesn’t want either of them to have to compromise.

He starts to leave, but Frida grabs him at the door and snogs him. Is he really going to leave without a fight? Well…since she’s asking…maybe they could break up tomorrow. Or the day after that. Or next year…. They take their not-breaking-up party to the bedroom.

Casa Othón

Maia’s over at Othón’s house for the dinner. Fed asks her about Ferney…yeah, he knows about their plan to donate a portion of sales to children’s cancer treatment, but is there something more? Is he hitting on her? Because Fed can take care of that for her.

The only thing she wants from Fed is that divorce already. And she thinks now is a good time to tell Othón, because she’s tired of him asking when she’s moving back in. Fed assures her his lawyers are working on it and he’ll sign whatever she wants him to.

Flora takes Bernarda to the kitchen, which gives Maia and Fed an opening to talk to Othón. Don’t get your hopes up–it doesn’t happen. You know how it is. Three little words “We’re getting divorced” (hell, two in Spanish, “Nos divorciamos”) but there’s always gotta be so much preamble that it never gets out. Cindy and Rafa arrive for dinner.

The facetiousness abounds as Cindy compliments Maia on her hot husband and pretends to think Bernarda’s just the cutest thing ever. Everyone starts filing in for dinner and Rafa holds Maia back to ask why she told Cindy her real name. It got him into a bit of trouble, but all the same, he’s glad the lies are over. Maia happily agrees with him on that.

Ugh. The uncomfortable family dinner commences. Cindy keeps complimenting Maia and Fed on looking so perfect together (*barf*). Flora treats it like an audition for Mrs. Rafa. Othón insults Fed. Maia wishes Othón wouldn’t be gross at the dinner table. And then Othón brings up Santi and Cindy makes some excuse for why she didn’t bring him, but hey she’s got tons of pictures on her cell phone…that she just realized she doesn’t have with her.

Cindy excuses herself to go to the bathroom so she can find the house phone and call Cintia to beg her to go find her cell phone at the taller. Cindy still thinks Cristian believed her earlier, so she’s not worried about him, but she can’t have the cell phone fall into anyone else’s hands.

As she’s on her way to put the phone back, she spies Fed and snogs him up against a column. She likes the danger. She asks how The Plan is going, but Fed doesn’t think it’s going so well. For him anyway–he thinks there’s something going on between Maia and Ferney. Yeah, Cindy heard that too. Oh, well, Maia’s just not as “brilliant” as she is. She gives him a quick kiss and says she’ll see him later.

The dinner party moves into the card room, where Othón is planning on bringing out his “good” tequila and sharing it with everyone. The indirectas fly as Maia turns down the offer. “Because you don’t take things that don’t belong to you?” Cindy wonders. “No, because I’m a responsible mother.” Meh, Cindy’s son isn’t here, so she’ll gladly have some.

While Flora goes to answer the door, Othón leads them all down to his wine cellar. Fed stays behind to see who was at the door. It’s Pablo. He’s here to speak to Othón.

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WAKING uP WITH YOU(Tulia finds out Pablo has a daughter) Episode 95……

The meeting

Pablo doesn’t believe a word Ferney’s saying, especially when he says he’s forcing Maia to be with him so he doesn’t ruin her dad’s business. Maia would like to get to something closer to the truth, but Antonia and Eligio arrive for the meeting. Continue reading “WAKING uP WITH YOU(Tulia finds out Pablo has a daughter) Episode 95……”

Waking Up with you (Episode 93 Pablo sees Maia with Ferney again).

images (2)

The “convince Maia to come home” party has moved upstairs to Othón’s office. Maia’s phone rings–it’s Pablo calling to tell her he’s on his way over to the new apartment and he doesn’t understand what’s going on with her. Othón complains about the call–is it work? Can’t they leave her alone? Continue reading “Waking Up with you (Episode 93 Pablo sees Maia with Ferney again).”

Waking up with you Episode 93( things get worse )


Cristian busts Jenny and Fabián in her room and starts honking a bicycle horn. He chases Fabián out and lectures Jenny about not being in such a hurry and not letting herself get taken advantage of. He doesn’t want to see her get hurt.  Continue reading “Waking up with you Episode 93( things get worse )”

Waking up with with you ( Episode 92 . Wednesday)


Maia and Pablo expect it’s going to take some time for their respective families to get used to them being together. She mentions her cousin, who’s going through a difficult time right now because her husband left her. Pablo’s all, “Ugh, guys like that.” Jenny texts, asking him to come help her plan a birthday party. Maia tells him to go…after a few more minutes of smoochies. Continue reading “Waking up with with you ( Episode 92 . Wednesday)”

Waking Up With You ( TuesdaysEpisode 91)…..



Yeah, Fed, Maia has a cousin. She didn’t tell him because they were already separated. Rafa makes sure to warn Fed not to mess with his niece. Suddenly Fed’s wondering if that applies to his daughter, too…uh, if he’s also overprotective with her and, um, he doesn’t feel so good. Continue reading “Waking Up With You ( TuesdaysEpisode 91)…..”