Photos and video show Captain Smart’s beautiful mansion and cars

79964008.full.jpg has sighted photos and a video of the beautiful mansion and cars of suspended Adom FM presenter, Captain Smart.

The photos show the house is a two-storey building with gold-themed tiles covering the exterior.

The interior of house is painted white with two staircases leading from the hall to the top of the building.

The staircases are also gold-themed and even the furniture in the hall follow the same theme.

Already, the house has had eminent visitors like the former head of the Pentecost Church, Apostle Opoku Onyinah.

Judging from the interior and exterior of the house which is located at Tantra Hills, near Achimota in Accra, it is clear that Captain Smart lives in luxury.

Captain Smart joined Adom FM, the leading Akan station of the Multimedia Group in 2013.

This followed a stellar career with Kumasi-based Fox FM as a morning show host. After joining Adom FM, Captain Smart has forged a reputation as a hard-hitting anti-corruption campaigner.

His Fab?w?so segment on the Adom FM Dwaso Ns?m morning show which he uses to unveil corrupt practices in the public sector has especially struck a chord with listeners.



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