Waking Up With You( Pablo forgives Maia)

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Tulia reveals to Pablo that they have to make an operation on her because she finds a lump in it and Pablo offers all his support to her and she tells him that she regrets having abandoned Christian. She again tells him that the longer it takes, it’s more difficult to forgive and that she can says Christian can never forgive her for abandoning him.

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Cindy finds out that Maia is going to stop working in the repair shop and also to stay with them and she tells Maia that they are going to miss her. Cindy tells her father that water is spilling from the old seafood restaurant and she thinks that the same person who did it the other time, did it again out of revenge.

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Carmen asks Othon to stop putting pressure and manipulating Maia and she also tells him that Pablo already knows the truth about his daughter and she asks him to let Maia make her own decisions but Othon thinks Carmen should stay out of that issue because he has the say in the situation and not her.

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The new seafood restaurant is inaugurated and many people arrive to have a taste.
Antonia tells Tatiana that she feels overwhelmed and Tatiana asks her if she doesn’t plan to rebuild her life by starting up with another man aside her dad and also maybe she wants to know if she is in love with Pablo.

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Pablo goes looking for Maia so she explains to him about everything thus why she failed to reveal the truth to him about her pregnancy and his daughter. Pablo tells Maia that the mistakes and confusions between them must finish because he wouldn’t gain anything by getting angry with her because that will tantamount to nothing but rather confusion.

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Othon tells Federico that Maia disclosed to Pablo about Bernarda and upon Federico knowing that, he gets angry to know that Pablo knows the truth about Bernarda and Othon tells him that they have to discover some secret about Pablo to move him away from Maia.

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Antonia confesses to Tatiana that she’s afraid to fall in love again because of so many happenings in the past and Tatiana thinks she’s talking about Eligio but rather it is Othon she is referring too.
Freda calls to inform Maia that her friend cannot take the case because he has travelled to France and though Maia looks worried but there is hope to find a new person.

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Raymundo and Augusto advise Wilson on how to behave with Freda during the dinner.
Rafael returns to Tulia’s house to tell her that the pipes were broken again in the old seafood restaurant but he found a cell phone and Tulia recognizes it is Rosalia’s.
Cindy tells Cynthia what she did by putting Rosalia’s phone at the restaurant and Cynthia recommends her to go back to therapy if not she will go crazy with the so many happenings around her but that Cindy refuses to do so.
Tulia accuses Rosalia of breaking the pipes and she denies it but Tulia refuses to believe every bit of the truth she is saying and therefore demands that she leaves her house forever and ever for disappointing her like that after opening her house for her and accepting her in as a daughter.

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Pablo tells Maia that he forgives her and that he wants to build a family with her, Bernarda and Santi. He also tells her that they will face all the problems together.
Whiles Cynthia chats with Cindy, she sees a picture of Cindy’s babyhood and she asks who she is and starts crying stating that she’s seen that picture before but can’t recollect where and Cindy says she is the one.

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Ishmael sees Maia and Pablo kissing and he goes straight to tell Othon and Othon after he gets to know, and he blames Federico for being the cause.
Cindy tells Pablo they discovered the person responsible for damaging the pipes and it wasn’t her and so she tells him that she and Santi have the afternoon free and they want to spend it with him and Rafael suggests to them to go to Acapulco and Pablo looks speechless.


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