WAKING UP WITH YOU( Things get hotter)


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Maia calls Federico because Bernarda wants to talk to him, but at that time he was in Cindy’s house having fun, but his cell phone is near where Cindy is resting, and she could discover everything since at that time Federico has gone to the washroom. Just when Cindy was about picking he arrives to take it from her and says it’s his wife and Cindy thinks he is leaving but he tells her they are now  getting started and in the mood they left a condom behind without their notice.

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Pablo visits Nestor in prison and tells him that he didn’t come there to threaten him but to negotiate a reduction of his sentence if he just leaves Antonia and Tatiana alone. He asks Nestor to tell him exactly what he confessed to the judges so he can prep Tatiana to say the same thing. Nestor never trusted Pablo at first, but ends up accepting the offer but warns Pablo that if he does anything to hurt him, Antonia and Tatiana will pay the price and that Pablo is sure of. He then goes to tell Antonia and Tatiana about being able to convince Nestor but they should get Christian out before Nestor learns that they are fooling him.
Rafael tells Tulia that they should attend a dance class to get her mind off her health troubles, because whatever happens to her, happens to the both of them. Fabian feels relieved after Tulia tells him that she isn’t going to fire him over the cake incident.
Carmen tells Maia that it’s hard time for her and Rafael to tell Cindy the truth now that Bernarda is back and Maia can’t go on living with Rafael and Cindy and Maia accepts to do so.
So, Maia goes to the repair shop and meeting Freda, she tells Maia that it’s time for her to tell Pablo the truth about Bernarda, but she refuses.

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Fabian tells Jenny Paola that she should do whatever is most important for her and that is go out with the boy she likes or lose a friend over a whim and Jenny looks confused.
Othon sends Antonia a picture making fun of the look on her face when she heard the news about Carmen and Eligio which Ishmael captured for him and Antonia in great anger smashes the picture on the floor.

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Maia tries to tell Cindy the whole truth, but Rafael intervenes and weaves another web of lies but Maia doesn’t have a choice but to go along with Rafael’s fibs.
Federico tells Rodolfo that he is resolved to make things hard for Maia during the divorce proceedings because he will not give that divorce today or tomorrow.
Cindy lies to Maia when she tells her that she broke all contact with Federico.

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Cindy gets upset when Pablo tells her they have to resolve their situation and determine what to do about their apartment, so she decides to pressure him to marry her as soon as possible and she gives him the marriage license application and Pablo looks confused.


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