Waking Up With You- Pablo gets his Job back…

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Federico coincidentally runs into Pablo at the medical center and he smashes a flower vase on Pablo’s head, and he falls down on the floor, unconscious but the nurses helps him after he gains consciousness and asked the security guards to kick Federico out of the hospital.
Cindy takes Maia to her father’s house to stay there and Rafael feels uncomfortable but Cindy convinces him and he accepts.

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In his Furiousness, Federico asks Othon to cancel Maia’s credit cards to force her to come back, and he tells him about his incident with Pablo at the hospital and Othon accepts, but tells him that everything will go back to normal after Maia returns.

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Fausto offers Othon to put him in contact with a director from an Intelligence Agency to locate Bernarda but he will need money first to do so but Othon doesn’t fall for that but he still promises to give him money if it does work to have Bernarda back.

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Mosquito tries to kiss Jenny Paola in the pool, but she gets mad at him and asks him not to speak to her again.
The trainer at the gym tells Pablo that he and the Colonel think that he’s ready to get back to working as a bodyguard and seriously, he looks so happy.
Rosalia insists that she and Fabian are going out together and he doesn’t know how to get out of that situation.

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Antonia goes with Pablo to see Machul and when Amanda meets Pablo, she flirts with him, and Antonia gets mad and as a result, she picks a fight with Amanda to warn him not to try meddling with Pablo because he is her bodyguard.

Cindy offers Maia an administrative job at the repair shop’s office so he can help with their finances.
Federico informs Othon that his father’s contact already found out that Bernarda is with Carmen in Cancun and Othon decides to go there but Federico starts worrying when Othon tells him that he’s going to Cancun, because he knows that he would lose his stocks if Othon takes Bernarda away from Carmen.
Amanda tells Pablo that Antonia has been talking behind his back and implying he belongs to her but Pablo stands up to defend Antonia.
Freda goes to the car repair shop to see Maia and discovers that Wilson works there but Cindy becomes jealous upon she asking about Wilson.

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While Maia is buying ice cream, a man steals her purse and right there was Pablo and does everything possible to going after the robber but he fights with the accomplice of the thief, who hurts Pablo.

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