WAKING UP WITH YOU (Pablo meets Maia after Two Years)…….

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Christian and Nestor blame each other for their being in prison and Nestor asks him to blame Wilson rather but Christian refuses to report Wilson because he is still his best friend who only fell victim to him as he did.

Nestor teases Christian that he is sorry his mum refused to speak to him and he also asks Nestor to try calling his girlfriend Tatiana who reported him to the police and see if she will also pick because she doubts that.

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Eligio falls down in the aerobic classes and his nose hurt and Carmen attends to him.
Federico tells Rodolfo that he’s tired of the war between Othon and Antonia and he thinks he won’t receive any money even after the three years of being with Maia but Rodolfo is sure Othon will give him that 49% shares.
Some inmates try to hit Christian in the penitentiary, but Nestor avoids it but still Christian makes it clear to him that he will never forget making him kill his brother and Nestor tells him that Pablo truly must hate him for having tried to kill him.
Pablo takes Santi to his medical appointment and in the same vein, Federico calls Maia and demands her to go back home. Whiles going home, Pablo bumps into her and they look happy seeing each other and he introduces Santiago to her and Maia tells him also about her baby girl.

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Rafael is surprised to see the shop so changed and he tells Cindy that she must marry Pablo by law and not just having a child with him before she can be in charge of the repair shop but until that, he is still the owner. Cindy then lies to her father that she and Pablo has even talked about the wedding and the man looks happy for his daughter.
Maia intentionally goes back to the gym and comes out apologizing to Ismael for taking so long at the gym when actually she just made that up to work at the hospital since her father refuses to let her work.

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Antonia tells her employee that she’s going to reduce their salary because the situation at the company is growing difficult. They begin to complain and Antonia says they are free to look for another job but truly she is sorry their salary will be reduced still if they still decide to work with her. Quickly, Muchul (a music producer) arrives to sign a contract with her but she refuses to do so with Machul.

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Federico wants to have intimacy with Maia but she refuses and Federico tells her he wants them to have their own child not Bernarda and this hurt her very much and she decides to go to sleep in her daughter’s room.
Cindy speaks to Pablo about when they are going to marry in church but Pablo thinks marriage is not necessary.

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Christian sells toothbrushes in the cell and the inmates take the money away from him from his business.
Rodolfo gets sad to see publicity pictures of Freda as a model and she complains to Federico that he can’t take Freda out of his mind again because he sees her picture everywhere.

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Pablo and his mum Tulia are with Santi as the doctor starts treating him and that moment, Maia is also eavesdropping their every conversation and she knows that Pablo almost died. Pablo comes out and he notices that Maia was listening to them but she says she miss her office and wasn’t spying on them.

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Wilson pays Christian a visit in jail and he tells Wilson that he wasn’t lucky with the toothbrushes business and so he has an idea to get money but he will need his help. Wilson says he was supposed to be in jail but Christian says he’s forgiven him because he was only a victim and Wilson reveals to him that Pablo and Cindy are back from Cuba with their son.

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Eligo tells Antonia that Tatiana has changed a lot since she’s now decided to be a fashion designer. Antonia thinks Eligio only came with that excuse to just ask her to pay for his expenses since now she can tell he has no money but he advises her to change for the best to recover her company and her own life as well and never so she should take advantage now because humans are not immortals because though they are divorced, he still loves him and this truly hit Antonia very much.

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Pablo reveals to Maia that he almost died on her wedding day but he thanks his stars that she never run away with him that day because both of them could have ended up dead or injured and Maia asks why he changed his mind and he says it because he was told about her pregnancy with Federico.

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Maia also says she accepted to marry Federico because Tatiana says they were going to marry but Pablo prefers she should have asked him instead of believing people and now he wants to spill every truth. Maia is ready to listen and Pablo confesses to her that he’s a bodyguard and Antonia used him to get even with Othon.
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