WAKING UP WITH YOU(Maia marries & Pablo met his untimely death)………

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Hello dear readers, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with WAKING UP WITH YOU and in today’s episodes.

Outside the church, Freda hatches a plan to help Pablo get into where Maia has been hidden without being noticed and he gets the plan very well. She then helps Pablo to disguise as a priest so he can get inside the church.
Carmen reproaches Othon to have broken the truce with Antonia and asks him for the divorce. Othon kisses her and tells her she is his reason for living and therefore can’t divorce him.
Wilson asks for more money to Nestor for doing the job but Wilson rather asks Christian to put the briefcase in that van and he gives Christian a tip.

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Jenny tries to stop Dafne from taking Mosquito away but she doesn’t achieve it and she looks sad seeing them leave.

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The bodyguards try to stop Pablo, Fausto and Zulema pose for the picture and Federico is afraid that Pablo will show up at the wedding and seriously, Pablo asks Othon to let him speak with Maia because she’s the love of his life. So, Maia asks her father to let her speak with Pablo. In the meantime, Othon distracts the priest.
Pablo reveals to Maia that he’s always dreamt to be his husband for a long time but it seems now it’s going to be impossible but he wishes Maia to be happy and she thanks him for having come to say good bye to her. They both shed tears and bid goodbye to each other.
Federico looks for Maia because he doesn’t understand why Maia is taking so long in coming for the officiating and Othon tells him that she’s doing confession with a different priest.

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Christian succeeds in placing the briefcase in Eligio’s van.
Othon goes to see Pablo and asks him to leave the church without anybody seeing him and He Is Sure to Do That.

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Antonia threatens Othon with destroying Maia’s wedding for destroying her flowers.
Eligio confronts Tatiana on why she never paid her fees for a year when they gave her that money and Tatiana complains to her dad that he nor her mum pays attention to her in anything concerning her life. Eligio then decides to take Tatiana to England so she studies and gets prepared and get her life back and she looks really angry at her father’s decision.
Freda comforts and supports Maia and she says she has to forget about Pablo because it’s over because if she doesn’t do that, she can’t move on in life and Freda promises to support her and in the same vein, Pablo also prays for Maia that God protects her for him.

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Antonia again threatens Othon that she is going to make his life in Mexico a hell and that she is sure will cause him to leave as he left USA and mess up with his career and Finances and then get into his bad and so with that, Othon is lured and he kisses Antonia and Carmen arrives and Othon pulls her away. Maia and Freda arrive and Othon have to take her inside for the officiating.
Pablo watches the wedding from afar and looking so sad, he goes straight to his van and seriously Cindy arrives and gets inside but Pablo wants her out of the car but in full rage she tells Pablo that she’s expecting his child and Pablo becomes anxious.
Augusto tells Rafael that Christian is the person who sells stolen parts and Rafael tells Tulia about it and Tulia confesses it to Rafael that she knew that Christian stole the car parts and Rafael says that everybody betrayed him even including her and she asks for forgiveness but Rafael thinks he is used to being betrayed by people thus his wife, his brother and then Tulia therefore will not trust anyone again. Tulia then looks really sad.

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Tatiana discovers that Nestor plans to use explosives against Pablo. She quickly calls Wilson asking him to not put that suitcase into Pablo’s van and he also calls Christian asking him about the suitcase and he says he’s already placed it in the van and Wilson reveals to him that was an explosion to kill his brother but should do everything possible to not let Pablo get into the car and he becomes afraid for Pablo.

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Pablo looking so anxious also becomes a bit calculative and thinks that it’s so soon for Cindy to even know that she is pregnant when they only made love in few days but Cindy denies that fact and says she now can also tell that Pablo is also like those guys and not different from them and so he gets out of the car and left Pablo in great distress.

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Pablo also gets out of the van to call Cindy back but since he was a bit close to the van, and Nestor Regulates the explosion time and it explodes and Pablo flies in the air and Maia gets startled to hear the explosion and Christian becomes disappointed in himself.

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