Ara B Drops The Music Video For ‘Obishi’ The Diss Song To Shatta. (WATCH)

For a couple of months back there was some beef between Ara B and Shatta Wale, which sparked a lot of social media controversies . Ara B, the Dancehall Prince promised to make a music video for the song he released after Shatta Wale caused his arrest when he attacked the wife of Shatta Wale in a Facebook Post.

We also know Shatta Wale released a diss song as well, titled ‘Gangsta no dey call Police’ but he didn’t make a music video for that.


Interesting enough, Bull Dog, former manager for Shatta Wale was the one who directed the music video for Ara B’s ‘Obishi’. In the video we see the ‘Obishi’ (Ga word for Rat) transform into a Shatta Wale (lookalike) in different scenes .(The guy looks almost like Shatta Wale)

Watch it for yourself and tell us what you also think. I loved the music video after watching it. Nice concept, great transition and neat pictures.

Watch  The Music Video For Obishi below and let us know what you think about it.


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