These HOT Older Guys Will Smash Your Ridiculous Ideas About Aging.

Here at HearSayGh, we’ve pointed out on many occasions that age really is just a number. And here’s a few more reasons why. Take a look at these incredible men, all of whom are over 50. They’re sure to make you rethink your idea of what an older man looks like.

Last year, Philippe decided to experiment a little with his appearance. He grew a thick beard, which everyone around him really liked. He soon decided to try getting a job as a model and found work in no time at all. It’s not hard to see why.

This 53-year-old silver-haired hunk lives in New York, works as a model, and promotes a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.

This smoldering Italian quickly conquered the Internet with his outstanding dancing skills. Gianluca is a successful businessman who continues to amaze people around the world with his life-affirming and inexhaustible energy.


This actor and writer began his modeling career just a couple of years ago, but he’s already managed to appear in movie shoots and at fashion shows organized by the fashion world’s most famous names.

Eric is a model in high demand, an events organizer working in Hollywood, and also an editor of At Large magazine. How does he find the time for all these things?

Alessandro Manfredini, 48

This unusual Italian decided for himself that he wanted to adopt the style of a forest ranger. And although his flowing white beard may draw attention to the fact that he’s somewhat older than most people going for this image, Alessandro still has modeling contracts and advertising deals falling into his lap.

Deshun Wang, 80

This actor from China decided some time ago that he would like to try modeling. And when he took part in China’s Fashion Week, he won the admiration of every single guest. After his debut, Deshun Wang became known as the “hottest grandfather in China.”

This charming gentleman is yet more living proof  that age has no bearing on how attractive you are. Irvin works out at the gym, loves wearing good clothes, and works as a school teacher. It’s not hard to imagine just how much female attention he gets.

This handsome man from Toronto can not only boast of having a magnificent beard and being incredibly photogenic but also of his wonderful family with whom he likes to spend all of his free time.

One day, Shan decided it was time to work on his figure and improve his health. He subsequently transformed himself beyond all recognition, and now his example continues to inspire others around the world.


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