‘Exposure Na Yedi To Prepaid?’ – Sarkodie Offers ‘Exposure’ For Those Who Would Work On His Next Music Video And Ghanaians Just Aren’t Having It!



“You know say…exposure no be problem!” Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has come under fire from Ghanaians on twitter after he made out a call for ‘avante garde hipsters and creative artists’ to be part of his new music video.

Sarkodie said the concept was an African superstar video, but, the gig would be non-paying!

“It is not [a] paying gig” Sarkodie wrote, “It is however an opportunity to gain lots of exposure.”

Ghanaians online are not having it at all. So far, most responses for the call are people complaining about why a wealthy artiste like Sarkodie would want to work with people and not pay them. Especially considering Sarkodie himself has complained bitterly in the past about people using his creative works without the necessary credit.


Below, check out some of the most savage responses to Sarkodie’s call (Ghanaians got no chill at all).






credits: GC.com

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