Chief wears 400-year-old regalia to Asantehemaa’s funeral.


This is what Oheneyere Gifty Anti has to say about her Chief, Odeneho Kwafo Akoto II, King of Akwamu Traditional who rather did NOT appear at the Palace in black cloth like many to mourn the 111 year old Queen Mother.

She wrote on her instagram page:

“Well let me tell you why Odeneho Kwafo Akoto II, King of Akwamu Traditional area is wearing that cloth. History has it that Nana Osei Tutu I went to Akwamu (if you know the history of Akwamu, they are warriors who fought and captured and ruled many parts of Ghana, Ivory Coast and Dahomey, present day Benin).

So Osei Tutu went  to learn tradition and culture from Akwamu and When he (Nana ‘Sei Tutu Panin) was leaving Akwamu after learning from his benefactor, Ansah Sasraku, the then king of Akwamu, gave him his war regalia, ‘patakari kesi3’ which Otumfour still wears up till today.  So the Akwamuhene swore not to wear ‘patakari’ to war again.  The cloth he is wearing now, dates hundreds of years, 400 years. It is called the Mahony. It is bullet proof. The only thing that cloth can’t stop according to history is a stone (stones). Akwamuhene is till date the only chief who wears a ‘cloth’ to war.  Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III first wore this cloth when we buried his mother last year.  And because of the love he has for his brother and ‘student’, he decided to wear it again today.  Akwamu, has a lot of history.


He was seen at the ceremony in his ride with a huge umbrella on top of it.


The visit of Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, the reigning Akwamuhene, to Manhyia on Wednesday comes as the funeral funeral rite of the Asantehemaa winds down .

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