Much awaited iPhone 7 releases today September 7. What you don’t know bout the new handset? Read and Share……….


The countdown clock is nearing zero, the anticipation is hitting fever pitch, there’s just one more sleep to go and finally, finally, the iPhone 7 release date is now just a couple of days away, officially. After months of leaks and rumours, the iPhone 6s follow-on is on the verge of entering the realms of reality, with the phone tipped to feature two cameras on the back, a slimmer design and new waterproof skills, it’s shaping up as the next must-have handset. So, who’s excited?


Ahead of todays formal unveiling, it’s not just word we’ve had of the new iPhone either. With new images leaking on a near daily basis, we’ve already been offered plenty of early looks at the iPhone 7. It might not appease everyone though. Leaked Blueprints have revealed the phone will feature an all too familiar design and ditch the headphone port – yes, really – meaning you’ll need an ugly adaptor or a pair of its new wireless headsets.


So, what exactly can we expect from the iPhone 7 release? Well, read on to find out and bookmark this page as we’ll continue to update it with all the latest iPhone 7 rumours, leaks and announcements moving forward.

Below are some leaked photos;

Get your boyfriend to get you one if you don’t have money.

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