Bolt’s Olympic blowout: Rio student, 20, shares WhatsApp photos appearing to show her in bed with Usain after his wild 30th birthday party at his last games (so what will his girlfriend say?)

imageWhen we hear about our favourite athletes off the field, sometimes we need to put on blinders. We’re looking at you, Usain Bolt.

Just a day after Bolt’s sister declared his long-term girlfriend Kasi Bennett, 26, was perfectly suited to marry him, the nine-time Olympic gold medallist was caught dirty dancing at a Rio club with a young lady familiar with the art of twerking.


The video was reportedly taken as the sprint king celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday, a day after winning the men’s 4x100m relay with his Jamaican teammates. The problem? She wasn’t his girlfriend Kasi. Uh-oh.


The Daily Mail reported 20-year-old Rio student Jady Duarte shared photos of herself in bed with the track star the morning after his 30th birthday. Speaking to local newspaper Extra, Duarte said she hadn’t realised that she was with a famous athlete and described their encounter as ‘normal’.


Rio shared photos on WhatsApp of what appear to be her with Bolt after a wild night of partying.

The pictures show her wearing a white top while being embracing by a bare-chested Bolt. In one of the photos – which first appeared on several Brazilian websites including El Globo after Duarte shared them with friends – Bolt seems to give Duarte a kiss on the cheek while she looks into the camera.



The only problem is that Bolt and his secret Jamaican fashionista girlfriend, Kasi, have been an item for more than two years and were reportedly set to marry. But Bolt clearly didn’t appear to be too concerned about keeping secret his latest outings with other women during the final weekend of the Rio Olympics.

So much for settling down with Kasi, who he calls his First Lady, as forecast by his sister Christine Bolt-Hylton, 32. On Sunday, she told The Sun that she expected Bolt and Kasi to get married.


“I’ve met her and she’s lovely – she’s perfect for Usain,” she said.

“I would say that there’s a very strong possibility they’ll get engaged when he comes home. I last saw them in March at Usain’s restaurant in Jamaica and they looked very comfortable together, sharing their food and laughing and joking.”

But now we wonder what Kasi has to say about Usain’s steamy birthday activities. Or, what the status of their relationship is.

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