Colorful photos from John Dumelo’s Engagement ceremony; Majid Michel, Luckie Lawson, others attend…..


Multiple award-winning actor, John Setor Dumelo is officially off the single market; he has now joined the table of men.

John Dumelo, today got engaged to his heartthrob, and only some few friends were invited to witness this important ceremony including some members of the NDC. John Dumelo last year disclosed that he would get married before the year ends, that didn’t happen but not this year.

Snippets of information I picked up has it that John Dumelo was pressurized by the big guns in the National Democratic Party – NDC to say bye-bye to bachelorhood reason being John Dumelo would soon be given an important position in the party (more or less once you’ve become a pastor, it’s mandatory to marry kind of stuff).


Yes, some important personalities who attended the engagement ceremony included Majid Michel, Fred Nuamah, Luckie Lawson among others.


Congratulations John Dumelo. God bless your union!!

Source; 233 prime


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