Gyan – Dede Ayew captaincy talk should end – Coach J.E Sarpong.


Former Dwarfs Coach, J.E Sarpong has called for an end to the Gyan-Dede Ayew captaincy debate since it is doing more harm than good.

Ibrahim Tanko earlier in the week said he wants Gyan to be elevated as general captain because of his physical frailties.

In sharp contrast, Coach JE Sarpong says there is no point in seeking problem where there is none.

According to him there are key things that you look out for in appointing a captain and he believes Asamoah Gyan fulfills all to the best of his knowledge so why do you change him.

In an interview with Adam Adjei on Kasapa Fmโ€™s Dwidwam Sports show on Monday, he unequivocally kicked against the idea of even starting a debate of this sort.

I think we should be very careful with this captaincy debate. If we look at our history, this same thing caused us a lot in time past so why do we have to start another one again? In appointing a captain you ask yourself so many questions;

  1. Is the person a good leader?
  2. Is he loved by the team?

  3. Does he fight for the general good?

  4. Is he a unifier? And if you ask I think Asamoah Gyan ticks all the checklists so why do we have to change him? His injury is not a problem if you ask me.

If he is not around, the deputy captain acts and that is all. There is no point in asking him to relinquish the position why he has still not retired from the national team. Let us allow Asamoah Gyan to write officially to retire then we can hand it to the heir apparent who in this case is Andre Dede Ayew.

I bet you anything short of this will resurrect the old ghost that haunted the team in the early 90s which caused us a lot of things in the Black Stars. Let us end this debate because it is not healthy for the Black Stars.

SOURCE; GhanaWeb

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