A Young Veteran Threw Himself On A Bomb To Save A Friend 5 Years Ago. This Is Him Today…


Bravery is what we need. Someone to stand up to something, or stand against something or for helping someone is what our real need is.
There are brave souls who really help us, without asking for anything in return.

Here is one such great soul who jumped on a grenade to save his friends life.

1. Medal of Honour


President Obama honored this guy with a Medal of Honor. This award is given to people who display personal acts of bravery beyond what their duty calls.

2. Life gets better.


When there’s a will, there’s a way. He runs marathons in honor of fellow veterans and people who sacrificed their lives for others. He respects the second chance at life that he’s got and is doing everything to make it worthwhile.

3. What is he now.


Not leaving any chance in life, he now has become an advocate for wounded servicemen and women. He also is a motivational speaker now.

4. Never complain.


This person has had a near death experience and still is thankful for whatever life has given him and is really happy.

5. Hear him.


“I’m still here and kicking and, you know, I have all my limbs so you’ll never hear me complain.

6. Live life to the fullest.


He teaches us to live life to the fullest. Yes, hurdles do come in life, but you need to overcome them and learn to grow from them, taking them as a lesson.

7. Lessons learnt.


This guy serves as an inspiration for millions of people out there. He teaches the really important lesson that nobody ever talks about..



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