How to get iOS 10 on your iPhone today


Apple’s new operating system is available to download today – if you’re willing to put up with a few glitches and bugs. iOS 10 is the latest version of the firm’s iPhone and iPad software, and after weeks of developer testing it is now being made available to the public to try.

But as it’s a beta version, there are likely to be plenty of bugs and other issues which need to be worked out before it is released to everyone in the autumn.

The biggest changes are in the Messages app – with the option to send messages in “invisible ink” which the recipient has to swipe to see, the addition of visual effects, and a new feature that lets you sketch your thoughts.


Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus Launch in Japan

The Music app has also been given a major redesign, with a bold new look and simplified menus.

As well as these flagship changes, the software has numerous tweaks and polishes across the board.

Want to update today? Here’s how.

:: First, back up your phone. Do this by connecting it to your computer, running iTunes, and archiving the backup file. This is important because beta software is unstable, and may cause you to lose your data.

:: Enroll your device in the Beta Software Program at

:: Visit using your phone’s Safari browser to download the configuration profile. On-screen instructions will guide you through this process.

:: Restart your device when asked, then head to Settings, then General, then Software Update.

:: You should now have the option to download and install the beta version of iOS 10.

Source: Sky News



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