Meet The Inspiring Pro Wrestler Who Is Said To Have Been The Inspiration For “Shrek”


There have been a number of wrestlers that had conditions that in a way, aided their wrestling careers and personas. These three famous wrestlers are examples;

  • Andre the Giant
  • The Great Khali
  • Giant Gonzalez
All these famous wrestlers had gigantism and all of them are over 7 feet tall. Having that kind of height and weight is an asset in wrestling.

We are focusing on Maurice Tillet, who was a French wrestler after whom the character Shrek from the popular movie trilogy is said to be based one.

  1. Maurice Tillet was born in Russia in April 23, 1903. When he was young he was such a beautiful little boy that he was nicknamed The Angel.



2. At the age of 14 him and his mother fled the Russian revolution to the France. When he turned 20 years old he noticed that his hands and feet were swelling.



3.His diagnosis was acromegaly. If acromegaly is diagnosed at a young age it causes gigantism but he was already full grown so he began to thicken.



4.The disease is caused by a tumor on the pituitary gland which causes an excess of growth hormone to be released.


5. Maurice originally wanted to study law and become a lawyer but his condition changed his path in life. He served in the French Navy for 5 years. When he was 33 he was in Singapore where he met Lithuanian pro wrestler Karl Pojello who convinced him to get into wrestling.


6.WWII sent both of them to the USA where Tillet found a lot of success in wrestling. He was the world champion of Montreal and of Boston twice. At one point he went undefeated for 19 months.


7. Tillet inspired a lot of imitators in wrestling including fellow acromegaly sufferer Paul Olaffsen.


8.  Before his death at the age of 51 in 1954, he became friends with a Chicago sculptor Louis Link who made a series of plaster busts to commemorate Tillets impressive wrestling career. These busts were said to be inspiration for the character of Shrek.


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